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Exploring the Barton Village Neighbourhood: Restaurants

Hamilton is known for exciting and delicious food and the restaurants in The Barton Village Neighbourhood are no exception. We have a wonderful mix of established and up and coming restaurants to explore - just another reason to come and visit our great community and see all that it has to offer.

For this blog post, we decided to interview 3 restaurants that represent the diversity of flavours within walking distance or a short drive away from Westinghouse HQ.

304 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON

Follow them on Instagram @_lotusandthebee

An interview with owner, Sela Felker.

When did you open The Lotus & the Bee and why did you choose the Barton Village Neighbourhood?

We opened on December 3rd, 2018 - we’ve been open for 5 months.  I was drawn to the Barton Village Neighbourhood, because I saw a need for more healthy and vegan breakfast and lunch options. I worked at the General Hospital for 3 years and I have been vegan for 4 years, so I knew that the options in this area were limited. This neighbourhood is really starting to thrive and to be at the forefront of this movement is so amazing.

What is the vision of your restaurant?

I want to make veganism and healthy eating more mainstream and make it more accessible. We’re making delicious, affordable, and healthy food. I also want to bring a community aspect to what I do as well and that’s what I love about being on Barton St. - everyone helps everybody out.

What should someone try when they come to The Lotus & the Bee?

I would say the waffles, people love them. We do all day breakfast, because it’s my favourite thing!

What’s one thing you would want people to know about the Barton Village Neighbourhood that they might not see?

There are a lot of down to earth, young families that moving in around here. People don’t realize that this neighbourhood is already on it’s way to being transformed and people are already thriving here - it’s a very liveable place to be.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about The Lotus & the Bee?

I would want people to know that we are community focused and want to help people believe in themselves and follow their dreams. We also give people a space to showcase their talents, through hosting workshops and displaying local artwork. I want this to be a comforting meeting place for people to be inspired and follow their passions.

359 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON

Follow them on Instagram @motelhamiltom

An interview with Co-Owner, Bardia Doroodgar

When did you open Motel and why did you choose the Barton Village Neighbourhood?

This June it will be 2 years since we opened. The Co-Owner Chris and myself had always talked about opening a restaurant. We were looking for locations around the GTA, when a friend of ours from Dundas told us about the amazing food scene in Hamilton, so we came to check it out. We ended up on Barton St., which reminded us of Parkdale in Toronto, with the historical buildings and cool vibe.

How has your experience been opening up a business on Barton St.?

When we opened there weren’t many up and coming restaurants in the area. When we moved in, The Heather, was one of the newest restaurants at the time. There have been a lot of new places that have opened up around us in the last couple of years and we have all connected and become a little community.

What is Motel’s mission?

The theme came from an old motel and has an element of nostalgia. Our mission is to use local ingredients, make everything from scratch and serve high quality food. We create an elevated twist on the typical brunch.  Although we are only open for brunch at this point, we also host events in the evenings - wedding showers, birthday parties etc.

What would you suggest someone try when they come to Motel?

All the food is amazing, but for first time visitors the Champagne Pancakes are the most popular dish and if you want something more savery the Chicken and Waffles are fantastic.

302 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON

Follow them on Instagram @o_cantinho_churrasqueira_cafe

An interview with Derek Sousa.

When did O Cantinho Churrasqueira & Cafe open and why did your you choose the Barton Village Neighbourhood?

My father opened the restaurant 21 years ago in June. It is truly is a family run business and it’s always been that way - my Mom, Dad, Grandma and my Aunts have all been involved.

Before the restaurant, my family would cook this same way in our backyard in our own brick oven and I would always tell my dad that he needs to open up a restaurant. My Dad found this place, which used to be an old pizza shop. We renovated it and put a barbecue out back it’s been growing ever since.

What should people try when they come to O Cantinho Churrasqueira & Cafe’s for the first time?

Definitely the chicken. We are known for our Portuguese BBQ Chicken. We do a lot of other classic portegesuse cuisine, including grilled fish, suckling roast pig, Cod, etc, but chicken is what we’re famous for.

How have you seen your restaurant change and grow over 21 years of being in business on Barton St.?

During the first 10 years our customers were 90% Porteguese from the neighbourhood and now it’s about 50% Porteguese and 50% from outside of that community. Social media has also helped people learn about us. Now we have customers that come from all over Hamilton and even Toronto. Anyone can barbecue chicken, but it’s our special sauce that keeps people coming back.

How have you experienced community with other Barton St. businesses?

We get along great with the neighbouring businesses. The guys from the Baca Yard Bar and Grill, the Jamacian place beside us, come in and get our chicken and we get theirs. We all support each other. It’s also great being near the Hamilton General Hospital. The doctors and nurses come here all the time and we drop off food to them.


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